Julian Lamb

Julian Lamb

Director, Barkley Projects


Julian has lived in Colchester all his life, working in construction and property development locally for over 40 years. The city is important to him and he is keen to see it continue to thrive through the innovative opportunities that are on the horizon.

How would you best describe Barkley Projects and its values?

Barkley Projects is a commercial and residential property development company which aims to produce a high-quality product with a personal touch.

Who started Barkley Projects and when, how has it evolved to date?

Barkley Projects was started in 2003 to work alongside a large regional building contractor. It has since evolved and undertakes all kinds of property work. It partners with other businesses and has a portfolio of rental properties. 

How big is Barkley Projects now?

There are two partners, but numbers actually working for us depends on the developments we are doing as we employ many Contractors. 

How do you see Barkley Projects evolving over the next 5 years?

We will continue to develop individual sites which is most likely to be housing projects. However, we will continue to look out for commercial opportunities as well, with view to increasing our portfolio of property.

What are the advantages of being a Colchester-based business?

Colchester is an up and coming place. It is has a feel near enough to the benefits of London but without the hugely expensive housing prices. The substantial growth in the area creates excellent opportunities, and business networks in the area are strong. Rail networks are also improving, which will have a big impact on the city. Likewise, the knowledge and use of technology makes the city a real hub for business. 

What are the biggest challenges for business in Colchester?

There could be more focus on the city centre with proper investment to make it a place to attract more visitors. Having a pedestrianised High Street, even for part of the day, would go a long way towards this. Also, in the long term, the widening of the A12 which although may initially cause a traffic challenge will then create benefits which most certainly outweigh this, making access in to Colchester and surrounding areas easier and quicker.

As the city expands, what opportunities does this create for both Barkley Projects and for the city generally?

For us, growth allows us to re-develop more sites for housing and to look for more commercial opportunities. With the city’s fast expansion also brings the benefit of attracting a wider range of shops, restaurants and leisure facilities. 

Of the 4 themes promoted by Colchester Ambassadors, what is the most important to you and why?

No Better Place for Your Family and Business to Live and Grow. Colchester is a great place for families. It has a rich heritage with beautiful countryside, including the famous Constable Country, on the doorstep. When the city centre is regenerated we will create an attractive and safe environment for local families to enjoy as well as encouraging more visitors.