Paul Bleck

Paul Bleck

Managing Director, Bartech Marine Engineering


Paul Bleck is the Managing Director of Bartech, a family-owned Colchester based company which has been serving the oil and gas, marine, power generation and rail markets for all engine maintenance support since 1987.

Paul has grown up in Colchester since his father finished serving in the Royal & Mechanical Engineers.   Alongside his involvement with Bartech, he manages a youth football team and represents Colchester Harriers Running Club as well as British Triathlon Age-Group Team.

How would you best describe Bartech Marine Engineering and its values?

The core values of Bartech emanate from our family ownership, and are to work in partnerships, providing the highest quality and service whilst continuously improving. We apply this philosophy as diesel engine specialists working in the oil and gas, marine, power generation, nuclear and locomotive industries. The structure of the business means we are able to work with some of the world’s biggest companies, overseas navies and national railways, but always with a flexible, responsive, personalised service.

Who started Bartech Marine Engineering and when; how has it evolved to date?

The business was started in 1987 utilising the extensive diesel engine knowledge of my father-in-law, Gerald, which began in 1966 as an apprentice, then a service engineer for Paxmans, the famous Colchester diesel engine producer. He was joined by his wife Jane, who’s experience as a legal secretary was invaluable in establishing the administrative procedures and templates vital for any professional company. There are now five shareholders, all of whom are family members, who have continued to grow the business, taking on several major multi-engine maintenance contracts and representing major engine brands MTU, Moteurs Baudouin and Bosch.

How big is Bartech Marine Engineering now?

Bartech employs 23 staff, operating with a current turnover of £3million out of our dedicated 1,700mworkshop.

How do you see Bartech Marine Engineering evolve further over the next five years?

We are entering into more long-term maintenance contracts with blue chip companies which means we can provide increased benefits for our clients and more stability for ourselves. This will continue to grow across more sectors. Also, we are in discussions aimed at forming the right partnerships to develop our market in both the UK and overseas.

What are the advantages of being a Colchester-based business?

Companies like Paxman Diesels and Colchester Lathes have ensured a very strong engineering heritage in Colchester, which has continued with many ex-army engineers in the area. This army history has also given an underlying strength of respect, discipline and community.

As a location, Colchester provides easy access to engines in use as standby generators in London as well as many marine applications around the East Anglian coastline. 

What are the biggest challenges for business in Colchester?

I would like to see further support and promotion of engineering in the city. With such a strong heritage, this should be celebrated and encouraged to continue. I want to see more recognition of our past achievements in the hope that young people become passionate about a career in it.

As the town expands, what opportunities does this create for both Bartech Marine Engineering and for the town generally?

With the growth of the city, we see its profile overseas increasing, creating more opportunities for overseas investment and business expansion locally and abroad. Further business growth will result in more employment and local development.

Of the four themes promoted by Colchester Ambassadors, which is the most important to you and why?

‘No Better Place for Your Family and Business to Live and Grow’. Whilst running a local business, it is important that I can continue to grow the company, providing local employment and contributing to the local economy. As a father of two, my priority is to give my children the support they need to develop and would look to Colchester to continue to expand its current offerings, to facilitate both.