Tim Price

Tim Price

Operations Director, Park City Consulting


Tim is joint owner and Operations Director of Park City Consulting Ltd, based in Colchester from its inception in 1997.  Park City is a service provider of Human Resources, Health and Safety and Training and Development services for SME’s and large corporates across the UK.

Tim’s previous life before joining Park City was in automotive manufacturing, becoming CEO of JL French UK and Chairing national industry representative and other bodies such as the Essex Institute of Directors and the Essex Employment and Skills Board to promote and influence skills funding and policy across Essex.  He was also Chairman of the Cast Metals Federation, a board member of SEMTA, Scientific, Engineering and Manufacturing Technologies alliance and a founder member of an All Party Parliamentary Committee  supporting the UK cast metals sector.

As a Colchester Ambassador, Tim’s focus is clear and simple: to promote the City of Colchester in an holistic and collaborative way, adopting a non-political, non-partisan and positive approach, by providing an unconditional commitment to support the needs of Colchester City Council’s officers, project leads and their leadership team, acting as a critical friend and ally in whatever way furthers the positive promotion and growth of Colchester City, for the benefit of residents, visitors, existing businesses and new inward investors.

How would you best describe your organisation and its values?

Park City is an award-winning provider of outsourced Human Resources, Health and Safety Consultancy and Training and Development services, enabling businesses to improve, develop and flourish from a best practice compliance foundation to commercial solution-driven employment relations management.

People are at the heart of our organisation working collaboratively creating innovative solutions for our clients with our service delivery model based on face to face trusted relationships. We genuinely seek to become an extension of our client’s organisation.

When did your organisation begin and how has it evolved to date?

Park City was founded by Juliet Price in 1997 and is a pioneer in the field of outsourcing. Our mission has been to create organisations with engaged, well trained staff all working towards a common goal. We employ professional staff who enjoy a supportive environment with shared learning and knowledge passed between colleagues.

How big is the organisation now?

Park City started out as a Human resources service provider to local Colchester clients and has expanded significantly to now deliver services across East Anglia, the South East and exclusive London brands also. With 20+ staff Park City has grown organically over the last 20 years and expanded its services to include Chartered Management Institute, CMI level 3, 5 and 7 training courses.

How do you see your organisation evolving over the next 5 years?

Park City are leading the way locally in the field of Leadership and Management Development being the only Company in Colchester offering Level 3-7 Diplomas. Workplace well-being and Employee Engagement are key over the next 5 years. Developing the Leaders of the future is our mission and Health and Safety has more focus on the practical elements of management and monitoring as well as the compliance framework. “It’s all about what you do not what you say you do”.

What are the advantages of being a Colchester-based organisation?

Juliet Price, our MD, was for many years a member of the Boadicea Ladies Network in Colchester and group of Leading Business Women Entrepreneurs in Colchester. Colchester certainly develops leading business women in addition to supporting our initial growth from a diverse range of businesses available in Colchester and the surrounding area; today it offers great links to major towns and cities in the South East and London via the rail network, all important areas for client development.

What are the biggest challenges for business in Colchester?

Workplace well-being and Employee Engagement are key over the next 5 years. Staff retention will also increase in its importance as will the restructuring potential of the labour market because of the continued increase in automation and AI technology, we are well placed to manage this transition for businesses. Continued management and leadership development underpinning retention as the job market increases and opportunities for staff to move an alternative employer as business growth continues. We may also continue to experience skills shortages thus increasing the need for internal training and development strategies.

As the town expands, what opportunities does this create for business and for the town generally?

It is important to retain the excellent business network and sense of community all working together for the greater good. Increased housing will increase footfall to the benefit of retail and leisure, business will benefit from a growing labour market and with excellent Schools, Colchester institute and Essex University, the potential for highly skilled and available staff is a real benefit. Our digital infrastructure and creative industry sector, already identified as a significant contributor, can only continue to flourish against a background of growth.

What do you see as the most important focus for Colchester’s future and why?

It is important to identify with the history and heritage of Colchester, it is Britain’s oldest recorded town and we are very proud of our heritage whilst also looking forward and to be a fast moving, agile, forward looking and innovative town ………..our mission should be to be the best location to live, work, play, invest and learn in the UK.

Growth will stretch existing infrastructure networks in the short term, particularly roads; a more radical and innovative solution is required to complement park and ride to shorten journey times across and through the town. Time for autonomous travel vehicles or pods to move in, a la Milton Keynes.