Toby Freeman

Toby Freeman

CEO, Robin Cancer Trust Toby Freeman


Toby is the Founder & CEO of The Robin Cancer Trust, the UK's leading germ cell cancer charity.  The RCT is based in Colchester and works nationally to educate, engage, and empower young people affected by testicular and ovarian cancers.  Toby is a multi-award-winning charity CEO, recipient of the British Citizen Award for services to healthcare, and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.  Toby is also CEO of the Colchester Half-Marathon, a flagship community event for the City and the region.

The Robin Cancer Trust

The Robin Cancer Trust is the UK’s only germ cell cancer awareness charity – we raise awareness, reduce embarrassment and save lives through the early detection of testicular & ovarian cancers in young adults.

Based in Colchester, we founded The Robin Cancer Trust in 2012 following the untimely death of our son and brother, Robin Freeman, aged just 24.

We have grown into an award winning non-profit, leading the national conversation on germ cell cancers at events, in print and online – having reached over 9 million people with our life-saving cancer awareness campaigns.